Building and shipping a better experience

We specialize in packaging and logistic solutions with a global network and an extensive array of diverse capabilities.

we provide industry leading end-to-end solutions, assets, and experience

We ensure optimal production and management for our customer’s needs, utilizing the global platform as a partner with MPS-Westrock.

We couple our print and packaging products with forward and reverse logistic services that include kitting, assembly, contract packaging, order fulfillment, warehousing, distribution and transportation management utilizing the global platform as a partner with Walker SCM.

Prism Packaging and Logistics, LLC is NMSDC certified as a Minority Business Enterprise and certified as a National Veteran owned business. This enables us to leverage the power of diversity for the benefit of our important customers.

our range of products

We work with clients to reimagine print, packaging, and supply chain management to address
branding priorities and deliver workflow improvements.

Our innovative solutions are truly unparalleled.